Dr Doyin Atewologun



Salma Ismail

Consultant | Coach

Inclusive Leaders:

In a world where theories of leadership abound, how do you know which approaches or styles of leadership work for your organisation? Many explanations of leadership claim to be distinct, describing different theories, but actually overlap.

Inclusive Culture Change

Diagnose the demographic differences that contribute to silos and need bridging to ensure the success of the business after major change.

A Leadership and Race Inclusion Programme

We designed and delivered a wide-reaching programme to support high potential ethnic minority employees to become successful leaders.

The Middle:

A report led by Dr. Doyin Atewologun exposed the barriers faced by BAME employees in career progression in the UK.

Working with Privilege for Inclusion

Multiple sessions, over 50 participants from public and private sectors.


Alison Mackay

Consultant | Coach