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Diversity and Merit are not opposites

The Parker Review 2019 Report

Dr Doyin Atewologun, the Director of Delta Alpha Psi, was recently invited to appear on BBC News to discuss the latest edition of The Parker Report – the government-backed review of the underrepresentation of Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) employees on FTSE 100 company boards. Doyin has been the Lead Academic Adviser of the report since its inception and other Delta Alpha Psi consultants Dr Manjari Prashar and Dr Fatima Tresh also contributed. In this clip, Doyin speaks about the slow progress happening in Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic diversity and the opportunity to learn from the progress already made in increasing gender representation at board level. She also emphasised that hiring on merit while also seeking to improve Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic representation is absolutely possible and achievable and should never be seen as a choice between the two. Read the full report here