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Our unique blend of lived experience, academic rigour, and professional experience enables us to provide psychologically safe spaces in which to explore complex and sensitive topics, practice actions and receive insightful feedback to apply learning and skills back at work.

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Executive Coaching For Under-Represented Talent

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Culturally Intelligent Coaching

Develop an authentic path to leadership

Culturally Intelligent Coaching
Some of the Delta PSI team

Our executive coaching is delivered to individuals and groups in one-to-one and peer coaching circle formats. We offer a differentiated approach using an intersectional and cross-cultural lens. Our approach supports minority professionals to develop an authentic path to leadership through identifying and leveraging their unique strengths to navigate business and leadership as a minority in a majority context. We support managers and career sponsors to manage and sponsor minority professionals, providing a psychologically safe space to help them to raise their awareness of how difference plays out in careers, perspective-take and increase their capacity for leading across difference.

How do we develop an authentic path to leadership?

We work with individuals and coaching groups both within our ecosystem change programmes and outside of them. As with all of our services, our approach to coaching is not to replace established methods, but to enhance established approaches with a deep understanding of the role of difference in business and leadership. As a result:

Inclusion Ecosystem© Change Programmes

Becoming an industry leader in I&D

Inclusion Programmes
Inclusion Talks

Our inclusion ecosystem change programmes drive culture change in your organisation, accelerating inclusion and diversity (I&D) and improving representation to attain your targets. We apply research evidence for successful inclusion and adopt a multi-level approach to change. We equip the ecosystem, giving underrepresented professionals with the skills to navigate their context whilst simultaneously equipping senior leaders, allies, and manages with the skills to be sponsors and to drive wider inclusive culture change.

How do we implement an Inclusion Ecosystem© Change Programme?

We work with you to determine a range of parameters for implementing a programme, including assessing and selecting talent for the programme, designing appropriate evidence-based content and delivery, engaging line managers, sponsors/ allies, senior leaders, and the wider organisation through communications planning and learning content, and rigorous evaluation design to ensure that the programme meets your aims. Working in sync with your organisation’s current initiatives, we design a programme that integrates, complements, and enhances your company’s I&D offering for maximum reach and impact using the following methods across workplace groups:

Research & Business Insights For I&D

Assess your context

Research Paper

Assessing your context ensures that solutions are tailored to your organisation’s specific inclusion and diversity (I&D) needs. We help our clients have a clearer understanding of where they are on their inclusion and diversity journey, what the next steps should be, and what solutions will have the greatest and sustainable impact.

How do we assess your context?

We work with you to determine what stage you are at in your I&D journey, and determine which of our three services will provide you with a rich understanding of your context and plan your next steps in I&D:


We identify your relevant and available data, systematically analyse it, and provide a comprehensive report of our findings with practical recommendations for next steps.


We design a rigorous programme of research, conduct the research in the organisation, benchmark this against latest evidence and provide a comprehensive report of our findings with practical recommendations for next steps.


We determine your current stage in your I&D journey, map out a blueprint for your organisation’s I&D strategy, and provide a comprehensive report with our recommended plan for next steps.

Building Blocks Workshops

Lay the foundations for excellence through an inclusive and diverse workplace


Our building blocks cover key themes to provide the foundational insights for any organisation that values inclusion and diversity (I&D) as more than a ‘tick-box’ exercise. We have building blocks to train all workplace groups in I&D using an evidence-based design and content, thought leadership, and innovative approaches to learning and coaching. Our building blocks engage the entire Inclusion Ecosystem© – they are designed specifically for different types of groups specific to that group’s role in making inclusive culture change happen. We help organisations to decide which building blocks are best suited to their needs and priorities, and then tailor our solutions to your specific context to promote awareness, commitment, and skills development.

How do we lay the foundations for excellence?

We work with you to understand which building blocks are best suited to progress your business’s I&D journey, taking into consideration your priorities and competing demands. Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we tailor the content, style, and mode (in person or virtual) of delivery to achieve maximum impact with your workplace groups.

We provide services for 6 workplace groups to move your inclusion ecosystem groups from greater awareness through to personal commitment to change, to develop the skills and confidence to take action. These groups are:

Open Mind Webinars

Challenge traditional ways of thinking and doing


Open Mind is Delta’s response to emerging and pressing business issues relating to inclusion and diversity (I&D). Our Open Mind webinars cover topics that are pertinent, helping individuals and groups to make sense of changes in their business context and the wider national or global environment. The webinars are designed to be bitesize, evidence-based and practical. We provide the what and why of key I&D related business issues and help our clients to think through the how for implementing necessary changes. Our additional resources provide the practical tools to take action based on the new learning.

How do we challenge traditional ways of thinking and doing?

We work with you to explore which webinar or series of webinars is most suitable for the interests and needs of your groups of professionals. Our Open Mind series is always expanding with growth of ideas and challenges in this field. We select themes based on the changing circumstances, our experience, our expertise and the needs of our clients. Currently, we are delivering Open Mind webinars on the following:

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