Our People

Lars Thornberg

Associate Partner


About Lars

Lars is one of the lead coaches delivering workshops and leaderships programmes.

He is an international facilitator and speaker on diversity, privilege and inclusion, with extensive experience in communications and Human Rights policy implementation.

He has worked for the Swedish Office for Equal Rights as a director; the Equality Ombudsman working as an investigator in the areas of diversity, leadership and equality; and the Swedish government Compensation Committee (which deals with compensations for abuse victims in foster care and orphanages).

Lars currently works at the Swedish School Inspectorate to lead on quality audit reviews.

In 2012 he was appointed Sweden’s national representative in the EU Commission Network of Socio-Economic Experts in the Anti-Discrimination Field.

Lars and Doyin collaborate as Radical Partners to deliver powerful learning experiences for organisations on privilege, radical partnership and inclusive and collaborative culture change.

Lars is passionate about equality and believes it is important that everyone has opportunities to succeed, not only for the benefit of the individual but also for businesses and society as a whole. Lars lives in Stockholm.