Building Blocks to build diversity

Ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion at a London mental health charity.

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The challenge

The client is a citywide public mental health partnership that aims to ensure all Londoners have an equal opportunity for good mental health and wellbeing. They aim to encourage those living in London to step up to tackle mental health so that every person can live happier, healthier lives.


They wanted to develop greater fluency, confidence and readiness for action around race inequality in it’s network. There was a need to equip the leadership team to build the confidence to have difficult conversations and create inclusive environments for their racially and ethnically diverse colleagues. The leadership team aimed to increase their cultural awareness and sensitivity towards the diverse issues their colleagues and the groups that they work with to operate as an integrated and inclusive organisation.  

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It was so thought provoking that I started remembering experiences that I long had forgotten.

The solution

Based on their specific needs, Delta proposed Building Blocks for the client’s management team, aimed at increasing fluency, confidence and allyship on race and ethnicity. Delta designed and delivered 3 x 90-minute workshops and 3 x 90-minute Delta Circles to follow each workshop. The content of each workshop built on the last; therefore, participants’ learning became deeper and enhanced as the programme progressed.  

Don’t take it from us, take it from our clients.

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