We’re pleased to announce Delta’s new evidence-based psychometric leadership tool –the Inclusive Leadership Behaviours Scale, or ILBS.


Our Inclusive Leadership Behaviours Scale or ILBS is ideally suited for managers and leaders. It measures 12 key attributes that lead to three overarching impact outcomes fundamental to building inclusive, high performing cultures.


The ILBS is the result of over 10 years’ academic research and consultancy experience in Delta. Our research and experience informed our framework of the ‘ideal’ inclusive leader profile of being empowering, engaging, and ethical. Each area is further broken down into four inclusive leadership attributes.


Years of research culminating in our proprietary psychometric tool for inclusive leadership

The value of the ILBS psychometric tool

The ILBS offers several benefits to leaders and their organisations.

For individuals:

  • You will gain deeper insights into your style including the inclusive leader attributes you currently demonstratealongside detailed explanations of how these behaviours positively impact your teams and peers.
  • You will also have a better understanding of your inclusive leader development areas, alongside tangible ways to improve upon this with actionable next steps provided in your personalised report and debrief session. Your Delta consultant will help you develop a personalised action plan for leadership growth.



For organisations:

  • Businesses will have a unique data-driven perspective on what powers your inclusive culture and what needs to be improved, based on patterns in the aggregated and anonymised inclusive leadership profile of your executive or management teams.
  • To help future-proof your business, you will have a clearer understanding of the inclusive leadership values and behaviours prevalent in your business and identify gaps to fill during selection and promotion processes to meet your inclusion and performance goals.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire online, and a report is generated based on your responses. The report is then sent to you and your Delta consultant. The follow-on one-on-one debrief session with a Delta consultant will help you unpack the insights gained from your report.


Your consultant will also help you identify and commit to practical actions to build into your everyday work to strengthen your Inclusive Leadership capacity. You can also integrate the ILBS tool and debrief into a series of executive coaching sessions as one strand of your strategy to build inclusive cultures.


For businesses who want to go further, we can aggregate individuals’ responses to provide an overall profile for a leadership team. This anonymised aggregate profile offers a unique perspective on the overall capacity (including strengths and gaps) of your leadership team to practise, embed and role model inclusive leadership attributes.


The ILBS makes inclusion practical; it helps leaders recognise everyday behaviours that can impact and improve their workplaces and identifies specific changes to help you align everyday behaviours with inclusive leadership actions.

Contact us today to discuss your organisation and how the ILBS can help ​you understand and improve your inclusive leadership style.

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