Building Blocks comprise a series of virtual or in-person stand-alone workshops, typically supplemented with Delta Action Circles. These are specifically curated to develop a team or individuals’ capacity for inclusion and equity across a selected range of topics.


Equity is more than a tick-box exercise.  Our approach combines evidence-based design and content and thought leadership to raise awareness, amplify will, enhance skills and maximise commitment.   


Workshops delivered on race fluency and inclusion for Line Managers since 2021

Delta supports different members of the Inclusion Ecosystem© by targeting different types of groups and tailored to that group’s role in making inclusive culture change happen.


For greater customisation, why not try our Contrasted Samples Insight Sessions (Delta’s unique approach to diversity and equity research), prior to workshop delivery. This allows us to gauge your organisation’s climate and design workshop content to your precise needs.


Building Blocks are available in-house (exclusively for your employees) or as open workshops that can be attended by any member of the public. The Delta team can deliver building blocks workshops tailored to any topic or business need. For more information on the topics Delta covers, see our key topics.

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