At Delta we take a unique approach to diversity and equity research. We work with your people, individually and in groups, to highlight issues that haven’t been raised before and to bring to life known issues through lived experience data. We use this to understand what’s needed to drive lasting, inclusive culture change.  


We have an excellent reputation and deep experience in supporting clients to understand what’s going in their organisation and use this to create and implement their strategic equity and inclusion goals. 


Our signature Contrasted Sample approach provides insights that will help shape your strategy for equity and inclusion. We collect insights from individuals and teams across under-represented, and majority status groups. With this method we can establish a cultural baseline and identify similarities and differences in experiences among various groups (for example, employees living with disabilities vs those without).  


individuals across under-represented and majority status groups have taken part in our interviews and focus groups

Examining multiple perspectives provides rich insights that inform our tailored, evidence-based reports. Our reports offer strategic recommendations and practical actions for leaders and the business to increase engagement, support your retention and progression goals and build inclusive cultures for performance. 


Using interviews, focus groups and surveys, we engage a wide sample of your employees in a systematic and confidential way.  Our approach elicits rich data to develop storyboards, frameworks or tools that foster understanding and engagement, for sustainable change.


The Delta team can deliver business insights tailored to any topic or business need. For more information on the topics Delta covers, see our key topics.

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