Your Inclusion Ecosystem© is a collaborative network of leaders, individuals and teams across the organisation, who actively practise inclusive behaviours and work towards building equitable systems to embed a culture of inclusion for optimised performance in your business.


We help you activate your organisation’s Inclusion Ecosystem© through our blended learning talent and leadership programmes. We focus on diversifying leadership and inclusive culture change, to improve representation, attain your targets and help you meet your strategic goals for equity and excellence.


Change happens over time, and, in people and practices. So, to create and sustain inclusive cultures for business performance, we work at multiple levels with people (e.g., senior leaders, line managers, minoritised professionals) and practices (e.g., processes, policies and everyday behaviours).


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Our approach is evidence-based. Each group’s learning journey is designed specifically to equip them to become change agents in building a diverse and inclusive organisation.


When conducting an inclusion ecosystem programme, we engage line managers, sponsors/allies, senior leaders, and the wider organisation through communications and evaluation design to ensure that the programme meets your aims.


Working in sync with your organisation’s current initiatives, we design a programme that integrates, complements, and enhances your company’s ED&I offering for maximum reach and impact.


This programme is not about ‘fixing the individual’. Instead, this programme aims to:


  • Instill change within the organisation, with the active involvement and commitment of senior leaders and managers. 
  • Address career inequalities for colleagues who identify as minoritised  (e.g., race, disability), by equipping them with the insights and skills to navigate the challenges of being a minority in a majority environment.


This programme is not positive discrimination. Positive action, taking steps to improve equity in the workplace, is a legal and promoted approach to address an imbalance of representation.


The Delta team can deliver Inclusion Ecosystem© change programmes tailored to any topic or business need. For more information on the topics Delta covers, see our key topics.

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