At Delta, we believe that organisations thrive when individuals flourish, and that coaching is a key enabler for performance in diversity.


We have a track record in helping minoritised talent chart a path to leadership through embracing authenticity and leveraging unique strengths. We also specialise in helping majority professionals recognise their role in driving equity for performance and equip them to effectively lead across difference. 


At Delta, we offer three coaching solutions, all of which can be delivered virtually or in person.


No matter the approach, our coaching solutions:


  • Are conducted in trusting and psychologically safe spaces  
  • Raise awareness and interpersonal sensitivity
  • Foster a growth mindset and increase cultural competence
  • Equip you with inclusive leadership skills


Complete our Inclusive Leadership Behavioural Scale (ILBS) to get a report and a debrief session on specific gaps and development tips in becoming an inclusive leader.


The Delta team can deliver coaching tailored to any topic or business need. For more information on the topics Delta covers, see our key topics.


Hours of coaching, reaching over 800 minoritised professionals

Individual coaching


Our experienced and certified coaches engage clients in a thought-provoking, goal-generating exchange by listening, probing and appropriately challenging thinking and assumptions. Our coaches consider the social systems in which the client operates.


Three-person coaching


Three-person coaching is facilitated by an experienced coach who ensures a productive atmosphere for learning and engagement between the coachee and their line manager. We provide a constructive space for both parties to exchange honest, constructive feedback and collectively commit to actions that create meaningful change to meet equity and inclusion goals.


Delta Circles


Typically part of our Building Blocks Workshops or Inclusion Ecosystem programmes, Delta Circles are our signature approach to embedding workshop learning and supporting everyday behaviour change at work.  


Participants meet in small, peer-supported groups, led by an experienced coach to provide a supportive and challenging place for deeper insights and practical application of workshop content.

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