Delta offers a wide range of assessments and surveys that help individuals flourish and diverse organisations thrive. These can be used to debias processes, provide objective assessments, and aid personal development and career guidance. We can help you integrate these into training for equity and inclusion, diverse talent development programmes, and succession planning to meet your representation targets.


Psychometric testing


Effectively and ethically used, psychometric testing can help you address your diversity, equity and inclusion needs. Personality tests and cognitive assessments can help reduce bias in the recruitment and hiring process, and can provide valuable insights and objective data on individual’s traits, abilities, and preferences.


We’re experienced in and qualified to deliver a wide range of psychometric testing products, with a solution to suit most organisations.


Clients have used Delta for assessments to improve their business processes

Our Inclusive Leadership Behaviours Scale or ILBS is ideally suited for managers and leaders. It measures 12 key attributes that lead to three overarching impact outcomes fundamental to building inclusive, high performing cultures.


For more information on the ILBS, click here.


We can also work with you to develop, deploy, and analyse bespoke inclusion, engagement and company culture surveys for your organisation.


We are specialists in assessment, surveys and psychometrics development and are skilled in identifying what works well and what doesn’t. Our experience includes over 10 years of training others in the design and deployment of reliable and valid tools, following the British Psychological Society’s guidelines.


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