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We work with leaders, teams and individuals to effect change that makes the workplace thrive, and a fairer place for all. Delta can meet you at any stage in your journey, working with you to meet your representation targets and equity and performance goals. We’re trusted to deliver on this by industry leaders, FTSE100 companies, and government organisations across the globe.  

Why we do it

We believe that organisations are only as strong as their people. Their people need to be seen, heard, and given the opportunity to succeed, as organisations thrive when each person flourishes. We’ve made it our mission to make the workplace a more equitable space for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristic that makes us who we are.

How we do it

At Delta, we’re not afraid to have hard conversations. We explore complex and sensitive topics and offer evidence-based practical actions to equip teams for success.


By focusing on your needs, goals and research evidence, we can offer a range of impactful solutions to suit your unique situation. With our adaptable approach, our experienced consultants will customise our services to align with your vision, listen to and capture the specific needs of your people, raising education and awareness through tailored content and practical skills application. 

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For organisations

Delta works with organisations of all sizes and from all industries, with small teams and large departments, tailoring what we do to suit the group, organisation, and unique situation.

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For individuals

Delta is for all, and we work with groups and individuals to create and embed diversity and equity. We have products for individuals, as well as larger groups and teams.  

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Supporting inclusion for all.

Allyship refers to an active and supportive role that individuals or groups from privileged or majority backgrounds take to advocate for and empower marginalised communities. Allyship involves recognising and understanding the systemic barriers and injustices faced by marginalised groups, and actively working to dismantle those barriers through actions, education, and amplification of marginalised voices.


Delta’s coaches and consultants can work with you to support your employees to be upstanding allies who build equitable and inclusive organisations that flourish.

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At Delta, we believe that gender is not a dichotomy – men and women – and there are a variety of other gender identities and expressions. Often times, however, when gender inequality is discussed, it is only men and women who are included in such discussion; therefore, people with non-cisgender identities – e.g., transgender, non-binary, or genderqueer tend to be omitted. It is thus important that organisations pay more attention to individuals with various gender identities and expressions and consider how to promote inclusion for all gender identities.  

Be the change you wish to see.

We present a range of practical actions to develop inclusive leadership behaviours from quick wins to longer term initiatives such that participants can address their individual areas of priority and drive meaningful change straight away. 


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LGBTQ+ (or sometimes LGBTIQA+, LGBTQIA+ etc.) is an umbrella term including people of non-heterosexual and non-cisgender identities. Each letter stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning), and more. Although the term has been used since the 1990s and issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community have been discussed more and more in society, there is still stigma, bias and discrimination against individuals who identify themselves as a member of the community. It is therefore important for organisations to identify barriers that people with minoritised sexuality and/or gender identities may face at work and ensure that organisational culture is inclusive for people of all sexualities and gender identities to thrive.

Cultivate awareness, clarity, and compassion.

Delta’s mental health experts can work with your organisation to build mental health awareness and understanding, deliver Mental health First Aid courses, and promote an equitable and inclusive culture that embraces the difference of a diverse workforce.

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Exploring and challenging thought processes.

Our approach to mitigating bias is differentFirst, we draw on the latest evidence for maximising the impact of bias training in work. We then focus on negative as well as positive biases to help participants understand how both play out at work and the potential impact on different individuals or groupsOur mitigating bias workshops explore how different biases show up in our thought processes and impact our everyday interactions and decision-making.  

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Celebrating and harnessing the power of difference.

Many organisations across the world recognise the distinct abilities neurodivergent individuals can bring to the workplace. However, despite the efforts to increase representation of neurodiverse talent across the workforce, there is still substantial inequity in the way neurodivergent individuals experience opportunities for meaningful stable work or career advancement in comparison to their neurotypical peers. 


An organisation that promotes a neuroinclusive and neuroaffirmative workplace benefits from diversity in thinking. Cognitive diversity can be under-valued in business, although it can be the cornerstone of an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative solutions.  

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Onwards and upwards.

We are experts in working with teams to embed lasting cultural and organisational change. Whether you have a strategy or initiative in place, or need help creating one, Delta will meet you at your current point in your equity and performance journey.

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Ensuring employees are heard and valued.

A psychologically safe culture is one where people are confident that their voices are heard and valued at work. In psychologically safe cultures, team members are more likely to speak up, ask questions, learn, contribute, and challenge others in a respectful manner because they don’t fear negative consequences.


Delta have worked with leading organisations across the globe to build psychologically safe cultures, allowing employees to feel safe and valued.

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Building understanding.

A lack of race fluency and low race confidence prevents organisations from meaningfully addressing racial and ethnic underrepresentation, from board level to pipeline initiatives. It is a foundational capability required for businesses striving to meet their racial equity goals.  Being race fluent means the ability to understand and articulate the different experiences and outcomes for racially minoritised people at work so that purposeful action can be taken to disrupt the status quo and close gaps.


Delta are experts in building race fluency and race confidence within your organisation, creating inclusive cultures and organisational change that meets your business goals.

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