A tailored Inclusion Ecosystem© approach

Spotlighting exceptional Black talent in the UK.

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The challenge

Following the insights generated from ‘The Middle’ research conducted by Delta and the Black British Business Awards in 2017, Delta was commissioned to design and deliver a cross-company Talent Accelerator programme in 2018. The 7th programme will begin in Autumn 2023. 

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Eye-opening and refreshing to learn, discuss and engage with other Future Talents that are minority ethnic

The solution

The solution


We adapted our Inclusion Ecosystem© to create a selective, ‘taster’ style solution for this cross-company programme. Our approach is evidence-based. We work with a collaborative network of leaders, individuals and teams across multiple organisations, to introduce them to skills and knowledge to practice inclusive behaviours and work towards building equitable systems.


The aims of the programme are:


  • To help organisations kickstart their work to diversify progression of high potential Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic professionals from ‘the middle’ to the top of their organisations. 
  • To introduce Inclusion Ecosystem© stakeholders to key concepts to start them on their journey to build inclusive and representative talent pipelines in their businesses.


We worked with:


  • Mid-career minority ethnic professionals across 15 companies  
  • Line managers 
  • Executive Sponsors  
  • HR, D&I and L&D support from each organisation 


The programme is composed of workshops for stakeholder groups, ‘shared’ workshops of more than one group, and Delta Action Circles.

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At a glance…

Our rigorous evaluation process involves pre and post-workshop participant responses and tracking participant career outcomes. All evaluation data shows clear evidence of behaviour change and skills gained across participants’ companies because of the programme, and positive career outcomes for participants.


mid-career talent accelerator delegates and ecosystem participants.


countries represented in the 2022 cohort.


tier-1 participating organisations.

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