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Supporting growth and development for the legal industry.

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The challenge

The Law Society is the independent professional body for solicitors in England and Wales. They support solicitors to grow and develop their career, promote legal services in England and Wales, and protect and safeguard the rule of law.


Delta was commissioned by the Law Society to help create an actionable and evidence-based D&I framework for its member firms.

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A triumph.

The solution

Delta provided advisory, consultation and strategic planning services to the law society.


We adopted an evidence-based approach to this, and:


  • Conducted desk research to understand recent academic research in the field and the client’s context for evidence-based approach  
  • Applied on our expert insight from our research and experience with law firms and other sectors  
  • Conducted focus groups with potential users to better understand law firms’ real needs and integrate these into the framework 
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Business impact

Our Diversity and Inclusion framework provides a step-by step guide for small and medium sized law firms and is a freely available resource on the Law Society’s website. We created an actionable and evidence-based framework to guide the design, development, implementation and review of organisation-wide diversity and inclusion policies, strategies and initiatives. Our framework strengthens the UK’s legal sector’s capacity for equity and performance, by guiding firms on how to take a systematic approach and embed equality, diversity and inclusion in a way that suits each firm and has a lasting impact.

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