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Delta talks… psychological safety

Dr. Doyin Atewologun, Michael Puchalla, Viva Asmelash and Agatha Agbanobi

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In this episode, Delta CEO and founder Dr. Doyin Atewologun and Delta consultant Michael Puchalla, alongside guest speakers Viva Asmelash and Agatha Agbanobi, explore what psychological safety is and why it is crucial for fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment.



They will delve into the significance of our identities in relation to feeling psychologically safe and share some evidence-based practical tips to help create a psychologically safe workplace for all.

Dr. Doyin Atewologun and Michael Puchalla discuss all things psychological safety with guest speakers Viva Asmelash, Co-Founder of Liberation Labs, and Agatha Agbanobi, Founder of Relevé.


Doyin is a psychologist, scholar practitioner, regular media contributor and multi-award winner in recognition of her innovative methodologies and pioneering work in promoting inclusion and excellence in organisations. She is Founder and CEO of Delta, a leadership and inclusion consultancy and also the Academic Adviser on the Parker-Tyler Steering Committee, as well as a member of the Co-op’s Diversity and Inclusion Think Tank.


Michael is a positive psychologist and EMCC accredited coach. He follows a systemic and solution-based approach with a focus on forming and maintaining thriving relationships, and his coaching style is led by evidence-based theory from Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Michael’s coaching supports individuals to reach their desired change by finding clarity, intrinsic motivation and self-awareness.


Viva Asmelash is a consultant and speaker who specialises in inclusive learning experiences, strategic planning, overall employee well-being, and Culturally-Aware Feedback Training™. As the co-founder of Liberation Labs, Viva is laser-focused on helping mission-driven teams engage in more equitable, meaningful, and joyful work. Liberation Labs is not your typical consulting partner. Rather, they work to push past siloed DEI conversations to show select clients why and how to weave principles of equity and inclusion into the very fabric of their organisation in tangible ways.


Agatha Agbanobi is the founder of Relevé, a consulting and advisory firm that helps teams build, improve and sustain their diversity, equity, inclusion and worker wellbeing strategy with data-driven coaching programs such as inclusive, equity-in-action leadership and The Race of Psychological Safety™. The latter focuses on the psychological safety gap between white people and people of colour in the workplace. She specialises in custom, fit-for-purpose DEI training programs, audit/assessments, strategic planning as well as program design and sustainability through her firm. She is also a DEI and Human Resources Instructor at Cornell University and she has another forthcoming article about colourism and allyship in the workplace with the Harvard Business Review.


This month at Delta, we’re talking all things psychological safety, as part of our Psychological Safety Month Campaign. Building on the themes discussed in this Delta talks… episode, we’re running an open workshop on 25 August with Sophia Kalpaka. For more infromation and to book, click here.


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