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Delta talks… the power of inclusive coaching

Dr. Doyin Atewologun and Amanda Gethin

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Delta Talks… the power of Inclusive Coaching is the first in a two part episode of Delta’s highly successful webinar series Delta talks….



The two part episode will cover both inclusive coaching in practice, as well as insights from research.

Who’s talking?


Dr. Doyin Atewologun, Founder & CEO of Delta, in conversation with Amanda Gethin, Global Consulting Talent Leader at EY.


Doyin is a psychologist, scholar practitioner, regular media contributor and multi-award winner in recognition of her innovative methodologies and pioneering work in promoting inclusion and excellence in organisations. She is Founder and CEO of Delta, a leadership and inclusion consultancy and also the Academic Adviser on the Parker-Tyler Steering Committee, as well as a member of the Co-op’s Diversity and Inclusion Think Tank.


With extensive experience across all dimensions of the people agenda, Amanda is the Global Talent Leader for the Global Consulting business within EY. As part of the Global Consulting Leadership team, she drives a holistic and integrated talent strategy designed to enable the level of transformation and performance required to effect change and to ensure continued success.


Together they will:


  • Discuss what it means to coach “across difference”
  • Identify roadblocks and opportunities that come in coaching with a diversity and inclusion lens, and provide practical tips on how to navigate through, or leverage from these
  • Offer practical guidance for coaches, leaders and managers working to support majority-status leaders to become authentic allies for diversity, equity and inclusion and support underrepresented professionals in leveraging their personal capacity to thrive and drive success at work


Who is this talk for?


This talk is aimed at all who have responsibility or interest in talent, leadership, and diversity & inclusion such as D&I leaders, HR professionals, Executive Coaches, Senior Leaders, Allies and Sponsors, as well as professionals from under-represented/minoritised groups (e.g., professionals who self-identify as minority ethnic, women, LGBTQIA+ or disabled/living with disabilities).

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